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 A fill can be many things, but generally their usage is fairly standard.  A way of thinking how to apply a fill is to consider them as transition points within your music, something like a  brief purposely variation from the main rhythm to show a passage has ended or a new section is starting. This can give a dramatic effect to the song, either by building the emotion up or even just to bring everything back down again..   Good examples of this can be heard within most popular music (rock, pop, metal, country). You'll commonly hear a drummer using a fill during the last bar of the verse say as the song leads into the chorus...

 While there are actually no rules about what you can play during your fill, the more tastefully you implement them the more effective they are.  Meaning, try and play for the music, not your own personal glory. 

 So in this section we're going to try and develop our basic and most general fill playing skills. But, we'll also cover the more  advanced topics also.

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16th Note Fill Development

Lesson #1  Hear it ) |  Lesson #2 Lesson #3  | Lesson #4 

16th Note Hand & Foot Fill Development

Lesson #1 Fills in groove examples #1



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