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  With the ever increasing boom in retail multimedia tuitional aids, there's also been an increase of free tuition software also.  While I've heard of various tools available to help us learn and create,  but as yet, I've currently only located this one for you.  

   If you know of other programs out there or have any ideas on lessons, just some general tips on how I might better serve you, please feel free to contact me !


Groove Trainer

  • This (windows) program is a kind of multimedia drum book. It contains almost a half million different patterns (That's just the presets) that can be seen in drum music notation heard through your soundcard and parts can be turned off so you can hear and see only the parts you want to.



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   Visitors are more than  welcome to contribute their own Drum Lesson (s) !, Tips, Reviews. Just make sure you include a by line (email / url), so you can receive FULL CREDIT for your work.  If you have any questions just email me !

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