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Rate Studies


 Rate Studies, depending upon your previous experience level, most of us are probably already familiar with the basic more common rates drummers seems to talk about.  These would include 1/4 (quarter), 1/8 (eighth), 1/8 Triplets and 1/16 (sixteenth notes).  There are of course more note subdivisions (rates) than those, for example whole notes, half notes, quintuplets, sextuplets, septuplets and 1/32 notes.

 In this section we are gong study not only the various types of rates in a singular fashion but also in a combined fashion also, we'll try mixing triplets with 1/8 notes, quintuplets with 1/16 notes, single strokes, and even mixed stickings.. etc etc...  

 These may prove to be difficult to master, as we are developing (fine tuning) not only our sense of time, but ability to slice that time into various combinations...

 If you would like to submit your own lesson please feel free to contact me.


C u r r e n t     A v a i l a b l e     L e s s o n s

Misc. Triplets Development Ideas.

8th Triplet Snare Drum  #1    ( Hear it -  Midi File )


Misc. 16/32 Note Development Ideas.

16th & 32nd Note  Snare Drum Exercises #1       


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