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 Dynamics are such a valuable asset to a musicians skills, they give us the ability to take notes on page, and breath new life into them.  To me at least, their the character, the lines on the face, the subtle shadings of colour and emotion in a piece of music.  They really make all the difference.  Dynamics can  lift the listener up and take them back down. They help us make better contact with our audiences emotions.. In a word, dynamics are very cool.

 So, for these drum lessons we are going to look at developing Accents, Ghost notes, Crescendo, Decrescendo and general volume control around the drum kit.  This can be a very difficult thing for us to work on, both technically and to our practicing disciplines.  For the most part, we are going to be working with exercises that we assume we've already mastered (studied), but this time we'll give the notes volume characteristics.  This effectively raises the bar to the next level.

  Ok, so lets get to it...

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C u r r e n t     A v a i l a b l e     L e s s o n s

8Th Note Development Ideas

8th note Accents Studies For Snare Drum

8th Note Hi Hat Accent Studies in Grooves

16th Note Development Ideas

16th note Accents Studies For Snare Drum #1

16th note TRIPLET Ghosting Studies (in single strokes) #1

Quintuplet Studies With Ghosting.

Lesson #1      



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