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 Linear grooves are often the stable diet of Funk & Fusion (Mainly Fusion) players  like Dave Weckl, Dennis Chambers & Terry Bozzio for example, but they have worked there way into the mainstream through players like Carter Beauford for example.  If your unsure what makes a groove linear,  it's really simple.  Linear rhythms are made of a stream of 'single' notes . Thus, there are no notes played in unison in linear rhythms.  This might not seem much of a challenge on the surface, but it does take some time to develop a 'feel' for it.  

 If you would like to submit your own drum lessons or idea's for possible drum lessons please feel free to contact me.


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Misc. 16th Note Linear Groove Development

Lesson  #1  

Lesson  #2  

Pattern Based. 16th Note Linear Groove Development

Lesson  #1 



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