If you haven't as yet purchased yourself a Metronome, or some type of programmable electronic Click Track as yet, don't worry... I've thought of that too.. Here, I'm going to set up as bunch of sequenced (MIDI) CLICK TRACKS, so all you need is a computer and your away.

  Once you've downloaded your click, you can either record it to cassette or even burn them onto CD.  Which turns our average portable stereo system into a powerful practice tool.  If you don't know how to do this, I'd be willing to make and send you one, providing you pay for media, labor and shipping costs.... 

 If you would like to request a particular Time Signature please feel free to contact me.

C u r r e n t     A v a i l a b l e     L e s s o n s

Click 1 - Time Signature 4/4.  Cowbell Click Duration 32 Bars, starting at 65bpm, which increases 5 bpm per set, until you reach the final set of 170bpm.  Each set is also preceded by a rested bar and then a Hi Hat count in.  The complete work out is just under 27 minutes.




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