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Legends Of Acid Jazz  by Bernard Purdie
( December 3, 1996, Audio CD )
  Tracks on this disc,
1. Cold Sweat
2. Montego Bay
3. Purdie Good
4. Wasteland
5. Everybody's Talkin'
6. You Turn Me On
7. Theme From Shaft
8. Way Back Home
9. Attica
10. Changes
11. Summer Melody
12. Butterfingers

Master Drumers Vol#1  by Bernard Purdie
( May 18, 1994, Audio CD )
  Tracks on this disc,
1. He Liked It Too
2. Elect The President
3. B Plays It Cool
4. Give The Drummer Some
5. Pretty Funky Drummer
6. Tappin'
7. Purdie And Music
8. God Made B Funky
9. Bernard's Back Beat
10. Rollin' On Purdie Street
11. Black Purd's Theme
12. Funky Donkey '93

The Best Of Buddy Rich: The Pacific Jazz Years  by Buddy Rich
( Emd/Blue Note, (November 18, 1997), Audio CD )
  Reviewer Quote"Buddy Rich, Drummer and Tallented Performer from the day he became 16 months old and performed with his parents to when he turned 19 and showed Gene Krupa up in the Tommy Dorsey Band Was, and Always will be, the Worlds greatest Drummer. This album is a great compilation of peices Written and Covered by the Buddy Rich Band and recorded on the "PAcific Jazz" label. ". This Disc features the tracks.
1. West Side Story
2. Love For Sale
3. Apples
4. Diabolus
5. Rotten Kid
6. Chelsea Bridge
7. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
8. Channel 1 Suite
9. Greensleeves
10. Groovin' Hard

Black Light Syndrome  by Terry Bozzio, Steve Stevens, Tony Levin
( Magna Carta, (July 15, 1997) )
  Reviewer Comment: "Friends, this is a virtual masterpiece! There are not many occasions that you will have three visionary musicians of this calibre in the same place at the same time. And, they made this in four days! Do not expect to dance to this one at your next party, this album commands you to use all your senses to digest the sonic chaos upheavel. Nothing cliche about this one but, you will know who the musicians are without the cover rom the first drop of the needle. Expect nothing less than being taken on a journey... Enjoy!"
Track Listing
1. Sun Road, The
2. Dark Corners
3. Duende
4. Black Light Syndrome
5. Falling In Circles
6. Book Of Hours
7. Chaos / Control

Manifesto For Futurism  by Dali's Dilemma
( (May 18, 1999) )
  A Dream Theater Styled prog rock band. Reviewer comment "Good solid prog/hard rock with lots of tricky time changes and lush arrangements. Similar to Dream Theater, as all the other reviews point out, but much better than that overrated band. Singer Matt Bradley, with his soulful, gravelly singing, and drummer Jeremy Colson, who's a technical monster, stand out in particular. Guitarist Pat Reyes is a master of the hard rock/prog riff, but his solos are pretty pedestrian. "Ashen Days" is the quintessential track here - if you like it you'll like them."
Track Listing
1. Within A Stare
2. Miracles In Yesteryear
3. Despite The Waves
4. Whispers
5. Ashen Days
6. Andromeda Sunrise
7. This Time Around
8. Hills Of Memory
9. Can't You See
10. Living In Fear

Drum Battle [LIVE]  by Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa & His Orchestra
( (August 17, 1999), Audio CD )
  This Disc features Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich.
1. Introduction By Norman Granz
2. Idaho
3. Sophisticated Lady
4. Flying Home
5. Drum Boogie
6. The Drum Battle
7. Perdido

Krupa & Rich  by Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa & His Orchestra
( (March 22, 1994), Audio CD )
  This Disc features Gene Krupa & Buddy Rich.
1. Buddy's Blues
2. Bernie's Tune
3. Gene's Blues
4. Sweethearts On Parade
5. I Never Knew
6. Sunday
7. Monster

Liquid Tension Experiment  by Liquid Tension Experiment
( (March 10, 1998), Music CD )
  Over-wrought, self-indulgent, bombastic--hurl every clichéd prog-rock epithet you can think of--this group will suck 'em in and spit 'em right back in a deafening flurry of notes plucked, struck, hammered, and slapped. Without question, these guys ( Dream Theater's drummer and guitarist Mike Portnoy and John Petrucci respectively, keyboardist Jordan Rudess, and bassist Tony Levin) are masters. And they make no apologies for having recorded an album of intensely virtuosic instrumental hard rock. Armed with chops, taste, and panache, LTE groove seamlessly from the lightning-fingered metalfest "Paradigm Shift" to the comical drum & bass duet "Chris and Kevin's Excellent Adventure"; from the full-throttle jamming on "Universal Mind" to the house-crushing mayhem of "Three Minute Warning." Throughout, the staggering speed and technique of both Portnoy and Petrucci consistently grab center stage. It's a riveting work from start to finish and a scorching testament to the power of musical inspiration and collaboratio --Michael Mikesell
Track Listing
1. Paradigm Shift
2. Osmosis
3. Kindred Spirits
4. Stretch, The
5. Freedom Of Speech
6. Chris And Kevin's Excellent Adventure
7. State Of Grace
8. Universal Mind
9. Three Minute Warning (Part 1)
10. Three Minute Warning (Part 2)
11. Three Minute Warning (Part 3)
12. Three Minute Warning (Part 4)
13. Three Minute Warning (Part 5)

Vol. 2 - Liquid Tension Experiment  by Liquid Tension Experiment
( (June 15, 1999), Music CD )
  In 1997, neoprogressive rockers John Petrucci and Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater joined with keyboardist Jordan Rudess and veteran bass master Tony Levin to create an adventurous and joyously unrestrained musical environment. On volume 2, surging technical brilliance is abundant--and as provocative as it is impressive. These tracks were largely the result of extemporaneous jamming, each piece comes across as a finely crafted and flawlessly executed composition. Also striking are the enjoyably drastic changes of style. 'When the Water Breaks' and 'Another Dimension' are eclectic journeys, happily unpredictable. Quieter, more atmospheric moments unfold in tracks such as 'Hourglass' and 'Chewbacca.' Petrucci, Portnoy, and Rudess effortlessly master intricately explosive rhythms and unleash astounding solos. Levin displays his wonderful eccentricities, particularly on the playfully wicked grooves of 914 and Liquid Dreams. --Mark McCleerey
Track Listing
1. Acid Rain
2. Biaxident
3. 914
4. Another Dimension
5. When The Water Breaks
6. Chewbacca
7. Liquid Dreams
8. Hourglass

Planet Drum  by Mickey Hart, The World (Rykodisc/Mickey Hart Series)
( Ryko, (September 5, 1991), Audio CD, A book is also available )
  PLANET DRUM, the voice to Hart's book of the same name, represents a musical atlas of the World Beat. Hart and company extend the sonic territory traversed in his album AT THE EDGE for a powerful and passionate journey.
"It had long been a dream of mine to bring together great drummers from around the world to make a recording based entirely on percussion," says Hart. " In 1991, that dream became reality." For the companion recording to his second book, Mickey Hart drew upon the stellar musical friendships he had made over several decades to make real his dream of a percussion masterwork, blending the talents and native instruments of percussion giants from five traditions into a celebratory classic.
Track Listing
1. Udu Chant
2. Island Groove
3. Light Over Shadow
4. Dance Of The Hunter's Fire
5. Jewe "You Are The One"
6. Hunt, The
7. Temple Caves
8. Dancing Sorcerer, The
9. Bones
10. Lost River
11. Evening Samba
12. Iyanu "Surprises"
13. Mysterious Island


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