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Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer   by Jim Chapin
( James F Chapin, (August 1948) , 48 Pages, Paperback Vol 001 )
   This book is generally considered to be one of the most revolutionary titles released. Originally published some 50 years ago, It's covers Jim's studies on the development of independence as applied to Jazz or Bee Bop drumming. Today it's a become a standard text among jazz and anybody looking to improve their independence.

Basic MIDI   by Paul White (Editor)
( Sanctuary Pub Ltd, February 2000, 200 Pages, Paperback - Miniature edition )
  Understanding MIDI--the Musical Instrument Digital Interface--is essential to the best use of modern musical equipment. Paul White covers the basics of MIDI and MIDI equipment.

The Best Of Buddy Rich: The Pacific Jazz Years  by Buddy Rich
( Emd/Blue Note, (November 18, 1997), Audio CD )
  Reviewer Quote"Buddy Rich, Drummer and Tallented Performer from the day he became 16 months old and performed with his parents to when he turned 19 and showed Gene Krupa up in the Tommy Dorsey Band Was, and Always will be, the Worlds greatest Drummer. This album is a great compilation of peices Written and Covered by the Buddy Rich Band and recorded on the "PAcific Jazz" label. ". This Disc features the tracks.
1. West Side Story
2. Love For Sale
3. Apples
4. Diabolus
5. Rotten Kid
6. Chelsea Bridge
7. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
8. Channel 1 Suite
9. Greensleeves
10. Groovin' Hard

Black Light Syndrome  by Terry Bozzio, Steve Stevens, Tony Levin
( Magna Carta, (July 15, 1997) )
  Reviewer Comment: "Friends, this is a virtual masterpiece! There are not many occasions that you will have three visionary musicians of this calibre in the same place at the same time. And, they made this in four days! Do not expect to dance to this one at your next party, this album commands you to use all your senses to digest the sonic chaos upheavel. Nothing cliche about this one but, you will know who the musicians are without the cover rom the first drop of the needle. Expect nothing less than being taken on a journey... Enjoy!"
Track Listing
1. Sun Road, The
2. Dark Corners
3. Duende
4. Black Light Syndrome
5. Falling In Circles
6. Book Of Hours
7. Chaos / Control

Buddy Rich / Jazz Legend: Two Pack Parts 1 & 2  by Buddy Rich,Edited by Tim Landers
( Warner Brothers, 62+80 mins, Drum Videos )
  The life, the music and the astonishing percussion virtuosity of Buddy Rich. The video features extremely rare performance footage from 1939 to 1970 of Rich with the bands of Artie Shaw, Harry James and Tommy Dorsey, as a leader of his own small groups and big bands, and in a unique drum duel with Gene Krupa. Part 2 covers Buddy Rich's largest and most impressive body of work, as a leader of his own big band from 1970 until his death in 1987. This video offers rare glimpses of Buddy with his own group, and in many clips from television specials, home movies and jazz festivals. Many drummers give personal tributes in this video.

Buddy Rich's Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments   by Buddy Rich, Henry Adler (Contributor), F. Henri Klickmann
( Music Sales Corp, Feb 1996, 100 Pages, Paperback )
  This modern interpretation of snare drum rudiments was written by the master drummer and contains an introduction by Tommy Dorsey.
Price:$12.95 Price:$14.95

Beauford Carter / Box Set / 2-Videos   by Carter Beauford
( Warner Brothers, Drum VIDEO )
  On this exhilarating 2-video box set, Carter Beauford, world famous drummer for the Dave Matthews Band, performs along with the rhythm tracks from six of the band's best songs, including 'Ants Marching' and 'Satellite.' Carter covers such topics as left hand lead/open-hand approaches, fills, double bass drums, drum set and cymbal setup, time feel, background and influences, the early days of the Dave Matthews Band, and more. This set also features previously unreleased live footage of the Dave Matthews Band.

Contemporary Drummer + One   by Dave Weckl. Edited by Mike Finkelstein
Warner, 44 pages, Drums: Book, CD and Charts)
  An incredible audio/book/charts package which features an all-star band including Dave, Chick Corea, Michael Brecker, John Patitucci a nd Steve Lukather. A studio chart is included for each of the nine songs, plus a detailed book in which Dave describes his grooves and fills, and his analysis of each chart.

Dave Weckl - Back to Basics  by Dave Weckl
( Warner Brothers, 1992, 72 Minutes, Drum Video (tuition) )
  On this video, Dave offers invaluable insights into the fundamentals of drumming. Topics covered include hand and foot technique, practice routines and drum kit set-up and approach. Includes several tunes from Contemporary Drummer + One. An excellent overview of drum skills for any level drummer
Price:$34.95 Price:$24.95

Dave Weckl / The Next Step  by Dave Weckl
( Warner Brothers, 72 minutes, Percussion - drum video )
  Dave concentrates on time playing, constructing a groove, beat displacement, cymbal technique, phrasing, creating a drum part, playing in odd times and soloing. This video also features three performances of songs from Contemporary Drummer + One, a Latin groove and some fantastic solos


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