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  The study of playing a functional "beat"  is one of the most important and integral parts of playing the drums, but can sometimes be overlooked by students.  The beat in popular music, is the foundation upon which other embellishments are based, thus you  need the ability play them with ease.  This allows you the creative freedom to bring the required feel & character to your music   So it really does deserve some serious study and constant revision.

  So here we'll try and explore the "basic" rhythmic possibilities of some of the more common (and not so common) rhythmic figures and rates.  But All in time!

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1/4 Note Rhythm Studies (Snare / Bass Drum Focus) By Kevin Picone

1/8 Note Rhythm Studies (Snare / Bass Drum Focus) By Kevin Picone

1/16th Note Triplet Groove Studies By Kevin Picone

Single Paradiddle Grooves (inward, outward, reverse)

Lesson #1Lesson #2 | Lesson #3 | Lesson #4     

Misc. 12 / 8 Groove Development Ideas.

Lesson #1Lesson  #2 | Lesson #3      

Misc. Funk Development Ideas.

Lesson #1      

Lesson #2 (6 stroke Rolls)      


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