Layered rhythms are the most commonly used rhythm on the drum set.  You'll  find them in Rock, Country, Metal, Funk, Fusion, Latin and Jazz.   In fact their not limited in use, they occur in all forms of music..

 So, what are layered rhythms ?..   Well, they are rhythms or patterns that have two or more notes played in unison..   

  In this section we are going to focus on developing a higher degree of abilities in this area.  Since, for the most part, rock styled rhythms are in fact layered, we'll reserve this area for the more challenging types of studies.   In general we'll be combining independence skills, dynamics and syncopation to enhance the challenge..   So Make no mistake, this section is not meant to be easy...

  While these may prove to be difficult to master, they are great for our focusing and technical abilities, while still being musical.

  If you would like to submit your own lesson please feel free to contact me.


C u r r e n t     A v a i l a b l e     L e s s o n s


8th triplet Snare Drum Shuffles #1  

8th triplet Snare Drum Shuffles #2  

16th Note feels #1  

16th Note feels #2  

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