Double Bass Drums


 Using two bass drums can be a lot of challenging but rewarding fun. So patience and persistence are certainly required, but, with a little effort you'll get there.. 

 Double Bass has a large variety of rhythmic and fill applications. While originally being identified as a trade mark of "Heavy Rock", "Metal" & "Progressive Rock" players, these days, it's become an integral, in fact complementary part to All Styles of Music.  So, it's certainly worth exploring !.

  Note: Some of following exercises can be used very effectively without a second bass drum, just between your Hi hat and Bass Drum, So experimentation is recommended !.

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C u r r e n t     A v a i l a b l e     L e s s o n s

Known Issues  

The Double BASS DRUM  Rudiments ?  

1/16 Note Double Bass with mixed 1/8th note Hi Hat / Snare Drum Focus 

1/16 Notes Double Bass with 32nd Note Fill Inn's  

Heel Toe Method Described  by James D. Sharp 


More to come...

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